Chi-City Vacay

After a traveling hiatus around the time Camden was born, and the year after, we are finally on the move again!

And first up on our travel plans, Chicago!

We were long overdue for a visit to my husband’s childhood home. The boys had been begging for a trip to Grandma and Papito’s house, and we were excited to finally have the trip on the calendar.

Cam and I got the boot from the road trip, and were dropped off at the airport instead.

Ha, Cam kind of sucks with the whole car and carseat thing. Still. All this time later.

While this was his second flight, he was a little skeptical of the whole thing. But we had a whole row of seats to ourselves, so once he was able to spread out a bit, all was well.

Of course he passed out into a heavy sleep during landing, right as we were coming in over Lake Michigan and the city. Classic baby on the plane move.

TGD, 7:24:17 7

It was a sweet relief to be reunited later that afternoon.

It felt strange to not all travel together.

And the boys were relieved to finally be out of the car and with their Grandma, Papito and Aunt.

TGD, 7:24:17 8

Oh and then these guys. These two were relieved to be reunited at last as well.

TGD, 7:24:17 9

The rest of the trip was heavy on relaxation.

We wanted to give the boys as much time as possible to make memories with their grandparents and aunt, and to savor the experience of being on their turf.

So we gave the kids space to just do their thing and to enjoy the experience of being away from home, and with their family.

TGD, 7:24:17 11

Some of my favorite memories from childhood are centered around trips to my Grandma’s. Stays at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. They lived far away, and we didn’t see them often, but when we did – it always felt as if I was at my second home.

The boys were similar in their behaviors. They settled right in; they were right at home.

TGD, 7:24:17 10

The itinerary was light for our time away.

There were many walks, trips to parks, a splash pad, pool day, trips to the movie theatre, gym dates (obviously), and all the other sorts of odds and ends that time with Grandma and Papito always entail – like Target & Toys’r’us. 😉

Parker wanted nothing to do with the splash pad until the water was turned off. While Wrigley on the other hand was a water wild man as usual.

TGD, 7:24:17 17

To us northerners, the temperatures were pretty high while we were visiting, so a pool day was very much enjoyed by all!

TGD, 7:24:17 16

There was also lots of time splitting up, leaving the baby back home, heading out with just one kid at a time – it was nice to have so much flexibility with our happenings.

TGD, 7:24:17 15

On our second to last day there, Dan and I did sneak away to the city for a date day. And oh boy was it a memorable one.

We missed our train, the Taste of Chicago was going on so traffic was insane, the Cubs were in town for a series, parking was not easy to find, we rented bikes – I quickly popped my tire on a bolt, there was a biker’s accident right in front of us on our lakefront ride…

Oh the memories.

But we really truly did enjoy our day away together. Even if it was an odd one.

After 8 nights away, the trip came to an uneventful close.

A few loads of laundry, a rounding up of toys, a last visit to the playground and hiking trail.

TGD, 7:24:17 20

On departure day, mine and Cam’s return flight to the Twin Cities left insanely bright and early (what was I thinking?!). We snuck out while everyone was still asleep and made our way to the airport with Dan.

When he dropped us off, I forgot my phone on the charger in the car and was disconnected for the day.

Super weird, but kind of a perfect way to end the vacation. With no distractions, and only time alone with Cam.

Dan took this last picture from the trip (above) as the boys drove home.

It so perfectly captured the end of a memorable vacation. The boys passed out from an exciting week. A new yeti toy seated in between them. Ha!

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