No, But Really

I struggle with prioritization when it comes to parenting. Like really bad.

I look around the house and always see 7,000 things that need to be done.

I tell myself that dinner prep can’t wait. Sweeping the floors can’t wait.

And then I stop the mental to-do list spiral and ask myself. “do these things have to get done this very minute?”.

And the answer is always no. Really, seriously, truly no.

I can pivot and make a dinner that requires little-to-no prep. The floors can wait another day.

I have to give myself permission to reschedule that task for another day and to prioritize experiences.

And it is always worth it when I do.

TGD, 7:28:17 1

As July comes to a close, and one month of summer remains, my motto for the month ahead will be – no, but really, that can wait for another day. 

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