When Your Aunt Comes to Town

There are two things that my sister-in-law adores.

Number one, the outdoors. Number two, her nephews.

So when she recently came for a visit, we made sure to give her ample time with both.

A hike at our favorite kid-friendly trail was a must.

But all good hikes must first begin with a picnic.

TGD, 8:4:17 1

And then chases….

Frequent brakes to take in the views….

Photos ops…

TGD, 8:4:17 6TGD, 8:4:17 7

And last, but not least, your Aunt’s travel hammock. Because Wrigley has a new obsession.

TGD, 8:4:17 8TGD, 8:4:17 9

And lastly, make the hike so memorable and fun, that she adds the Twin Cities to her list of locations to consider when applying for jobs after college.

TGD, 8:4:17 Last

Thank you Aunt Hayes for loving these boys and for being a wonderful sister-in-law!

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