Off to School We Go

Oh. Um, hello there.

So yeah, summer kind of went quick, didn’t it?

I kind of got caught up in it all. And well, here we are. So lets get back to it, shall we?

Last Wednesday Wrigley had Kindergarten orientation in the morning. That very same evening Parker had preschool orientation.

I spent all of August mentally preparing myself for that day. Knowing that it was the start of a big life shift. Kids, two of them, in school. Pick ups. Drop offs. Lunch packing. Homework.

The list could go on and on.

I don’t know why I am having such a mini life crisis over my babies heading to school. I mean really, this is wonderful for them, and great for me. It is life moving forward as it should, my children growing and learning, finding their independence. Me reclaiming independence.

But it is just a weird life shift. And I don’t know what to do with myself when they are gone because I feel like I am missing appendages.

We are only a few days in though, so I know that with time, we will find our new norm.

But oh man, the cuteness of their excitement.

There have already been so many incredible memories from the first few days.

Like when I asked Wrigley if he learned any new words in his Spanish class, and he then educated me on how to say ‘no’ in Spanish. Hint, make the o long in sound.

Ha, literally cried on that one!

He then also said, “don’t worry mom – my Spanish teacher talks our language too”.

Or when he said he forgot how his launch container worked, ate two cookies, drank two chocolate milks, and decided to call it a day.

Or when I asked Parker how his first day was and he yelled at me with excitement that everyone is his friend.

Or how he kept asking me, are you really going to leave me there? He said in awe and excitement, that it was finally his turn to be left at school.

Or how Wrigley was laughing as he got into bed on the fourth day of school because he was literally giddy with exhaustion and ready to rest.

And while he is loving Kindergarten, Wrigley has already asked the question, “how many more days of school do I have left?”.  😉

Oh these boys of mine.

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