About Me

Well hello there. My name is Monica, and this is my little soundbite, welcome.

I am just stealing little bits of time on this site here; capturing the things I hope to remember, and embracing all the lovely beautiful moments that make up my days.

Similar to a Five Minute Journal or The Happiness Project, I am using this space to create a habit of gratitude.


Here is a bit on who I am and what I do >>

+ Wife to a man who always has me laughing. Dan is my husband of 8 years. He lived on my dorm floor at Iowa State and I crushed on him like whoa. I would pretend my classes were in the same direction he was headed just so I could walk and talk with him a bit longer. And then he kissed me at a Halloween party – he was a lifeguard, and I was cupid. Lovestruck arrow landed.

+ Babe raiser to Wrigley, Parker and Camden. 👶  Wrigley is 5 going on 75. A lawyer in training always preparing for a negotiation, and yet a little comedian always looking to make others laugh. Parker has a personality the size of Texas – he is essentially Tommy Boy, who happens to think he is Beyonce’s son. And Camden is our wee chunk of happiness, with the most infectious smile I have ever seen! He is just starting to crawl, and the second he is able to get in on the crazy, will be in the thick of the wrestling matches with the rest of the guys.

+ Julia Child devotee. Also known as an inexperienced chef, with a serious fondness for food. I love the thrill of finding an unforgettable eatery, strolling through a health food store, and pulling together a simple, flavor-packed creation at home. We eat from a mostly Paleo template; and I say mostly because everyone needs a cheeseburger and side of fries from time to time.

+ Pretending to be Sporty Spice, all day – err day. Wearing them gym clothes like a boss. Lifting them weights with the husband. And throwing in a 5k, 1500 m swim, and spin class from time to time.

+ At-home employee, developing relationships and recruiting partners for Ultimate Bundles Marketing Inc.

+ Serious donut expert 🍩

+ A midwest girl who resided in California before the baby years began, and always mentally routing a plan on how to get back to the coast.


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